This is the ultimate living room workout routine for busy people. It takes about 20 minutes and has amazing benefits for general cardio health, strength, blood flow to the reproductive organs and also helps strengthen and prepare your body for pregnancy. Done 4 times a week this will really help your fertility.

WOrkout type

Cardio, Stretching & Strengthening

Workout time

20 mins

Good For:

Fertility & Preparing for pregnancy


About this 20 minute living room workout routine

This, 20 minute living room workout routine has been developed for busy people. It aims to help improve cardiovascular health, build a little bit of strength and also help improve stretching. It’s great for fertility by improving blood flow to the reproductive organs. It also has the added benefit of helping prepare your body for pregnancy in the event that you do get pregnant. It’s been designed so you need as little as possible in terms of equipment.

This living room workout routine is designed to give a basic cardio, strength and suppleness workout

What will you need?

  • Quiet place
  • Comfortable clothes
  • 20 minutes
  • Appropriate weights

This fertility living room workout routine can be performed anytime of day. I personally like to do it in the mornings as it gets my heart rate up and my blood flowing, helping kick start my metabolism and makes me feel great for the day ahead.

I like to use some light weights like these Active forever found on amazon – They great because they come in a variety of weights, which i can use depending on how hard i want to work, great colours and they’re easy to clean. Nathan uses them too, so it’s win-win.

However these aren’t needed you can use anything with a bit of weight that’s easy to hold you have around the house like a filled water bottle.



The focus of the living room workout routine is to increase your heart rate, giving you a light cardio workout which in turn improves blood flow to your uterus and ovaries. Secondly we’re looking to strengthen and make your muscles more supple which will help with fertility and pregnancy in the event you do get pregnant.

  • Cardio 48% 48%
  • Blood Flow 66% 66%
  • Strengthening 31% 31%
One of the aims of the living room workout routine is to increase blood flow to the uterus

Step by Step Instructions for the 20 minute fertility living room workout routine

Ocean Breath - Step 1 of the 15 minute fertility Yoga Workout
Step 1 Gentle Warm up

┬áStart your workout with a gentle warm up. Don’t skip this step, spend 3-4 minutes, walking faster and faster on the spot. This is to ensure that you increase you heart rate and get the blood flowing. It helps warming your muscles and bring oxygen to them in preparation for the more energetic elements of the living room workout routine.

Step 2 of the fertility living room workout routine - sumo squats
 Step 2 Sumo Squats

You can do this with or without a dumbbell depending upon your level of fitness. These are fairly simple exercises which will increase the blood flow to your uterus as well as strengthening and making your legs more supple.

  1. Stand, spread your feet so that they are slightly further out than your hips. Turn your feet out so that your hips rotate slightly.
  2. Clasp your hands at your chest without dumbbells or place both hands on your dumbbell and bring that to your chest.
  3. Push your hips back and squat down – try to keep you back as straight as possible and your upper body lifted.
  4. As you come back to standing push through your heels, you should feel it in your inner thighs.
  5. Repeat this 5 times, walk on the spot for 15 seconds and repeat 2 more times.

If you are a more visual learner the video below shows how to do this exercise.

Step 3 of the 20 minute fertility living room workout routine
Step 3 DUMBBELL Rows

This next step is all about strengthening you back and helping increase that blood flow and increasing your heart rate.

  1. Stand to the right of the arm of your sofa or living room table. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand with you hand facing towards you.
  2. If required place your left hand on the sofa for support. Let your right arm hang downwards a little in front of you.
  3. Bend forwards from your hips so that you back is roughly in line with the floor and bend your right knee a little
  4. Make sure that your chin moves towards your chest so that it keeps your spine in the same line.
  5. Pull your right arm up until your elbow is pointing up to the roof with your hand at your chest.
  6. Slowly lower back down.
  7. Repeat this 8 times on each side for 2 rounds.
  8. Spend 15-30 seconds recovering by walking briskly on the spot.

If you’re more of a visual person the video below will talk you through it

Push ups are great resistance exercises for overall strength and tone.
Sep 4 Push ups

I bet you all knew these were coming, however push ups are an amazing exercise for general health, strength and core stability, they increase blood flow all through the body and help maintain strength in the abdomen, back, legs and arms. Do as many as you can and repeat 3 times with 15 seconds rest in between. Each week try and slowly increase the number you can do whilst still doing them properly.

  1. Get on all fours. Spread your hands so they are slightly wider than your shoulders. Extend your legs so that you are balanced only on your toes and hands.
  2. Find a feet position as wide or as narrow as you like that gives you the most comfort and allows you to keep your body in a straight line from your head to your toes.
  3. Tighten your core before movement – you can do this by pulling your belly button towards you spine, you want to maintain this tight feeling during each push up.
  4. As you slowly bend your elbows to 90 degrees you want to breathe in.
  5. Then breathe out as you slowly raise yourself back to the starting position.
  6. Keep your elbows slightly bent between each push up
  7. Repeat this as many times as you can, take 15 second break and repeat the same number 3 more times.
The bird dog exercise is great for strengthening your abdominals and increasing blood flow to your ovaries and uterus
Step 5 Bird dog Exercise

This step in the living room workout routine is all about strengthening your core muscles and increasing blood flow to your ovaries and uterus.

  1. Remain on all fours after your push ups.
  2. At the same time raise the left arm and right leg in a straight line keeping them in line with your spine as much as possible.
  3. You should reach outwards. When you start this may be challenging enough to hold for 15 seconds but as you progress you want to add the next steps on.
  4. Bring your extended elbow in towards your extended knee crunching the abdomen and repeat this 5-6 times on this leg
  5. Switch sides and repeat.
  6. You want to do 3 times on each side

If you need a visualisation of this exercise, check out the video below.

Corpse Pose - Step 6 of the the 15 minute fertility yoga workout
Step 6 cool down

You want to slowly bring down your heart rate and stretch to reduce the risk of injury and the the achiness you may feel the next day. This is not a step to skip.

  1. Walk on the spot starting at a fair pace and slowly bringing down the pace.
  2. Streach all the muscles with gentle leans to the side, gentle rotations and gentle stretches, these should not feel like work.
  3. Good job! Living room workout routine complete. You can now go about your day feeling great.

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