Our fertility journey was a long and winding one. We’re still only part way through it, but were lucky to have a beautiful little girl through IVF. During this time we realised how little accurate and unbiased information about infertility, sub-fertility and assisted reproduction there was for people like us!

So we started www.ineedivf.co.uk to be a source of information to people like you who are at any stage of their fertility journey. We started to get involved in the community and found there was a huge amount of mis-information, inaccurate sharing and finally total untruths flying around about what you can do to improve your own fertility through lifestyle, food and health. 

This is why we stated this specific website to give you a solid starting point of how you can improve you fertility health through your lifestyle choices. Below you will see the key areas this website focuses on 

the three pillars of fertility

 Below are what we like to term the three pillars of fertility. Ensuring that you have a healthy body, mind and are consuming at least some of the right things can give you the best possible chance of getting pregnant. Then finally understand why you should consider using our website and the information we give over others.

Healthy nutrition

What you put in your body has a major impact on many areas of your fertility including.

  • Egg Quality
  • Hormone Balance
  • Sexual Health
  • Early Pregnancy

We offer recipes, guides, meal plans and practical tips to ensure you’re giving your body the food it needs to give you the best chances of getting pregnant.

Healthy Body

The condition of your body is vital to ensure that you give yourself the best chance at conceiving. We will help you understand the links between exercise and fertility. We give fertility workouts, guides and tips on how to ensure that you are giving your body the right amount of focus whilst trying to get pregnant.

Healthy Mind & Soul

Stress, anxiety and concern can all have negative impacts on your fertility. Relaxation, comfort and support will give you the best possible chances of conceiving. In these sections we explore, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and help you ensure that you are looking after yourself spiritually.

Why Us?


Every week Something New

We commit to getting weekly, recipes, guides, how to’s, exercise plans or meal guides and tips and tricks out to all our readers every week.  

realistic recipes for busy people

We have all seen those recipes with ingredients even Michelin star chef’s haven’t heard of! We won’t do that. All the recipes we supply will use easy to source ingredients and recipes that you don’t have to start 3 weeks in advance


Practical tips

I’m sure like us you have read guides, tips and how to’s and thought that’s awesome. But what on earth does that mean I should do! We want to make sure that you have ways that you can act on the information and evidence that will actually help improve your fertility. 


based within evidence

We aim to ensure that all our guides, recipes and advice adhere to the latest research, where possible we will link out to the research so that you can see for yourself why we are suggesting a particular course of action or food. We WONT offer you a miracle cure…because those don’t exist.


Get in touch

We offer plenty of ways to connect and get in touch with us, so that if you have any questions or want some advice then all you need to do is connect to use and send us a message.


we're REAL!

You can see who we are and we are the people that you see in the pictures, videos. We’re just like you having gone through the fertility journey and want to help make yours that little bit easier.

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