15 minute daily fertility yoga workout

This is the perfect fertility yoga workout for you if you are busy and need something you can fit in before you leave for work or in a quick lunch break. These Yoga poses are simple and focus on relaxation and improving blood flow.

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About this fertility Yoga Workout

This 15 minute daily fertility yoga workout has been designed for those wanting to improve their fertility. The poses are good for beginners and those with busy lifestyles.

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What will you need?

  • Quite place
  • comfortable clothes
  • 15 minutes
  • Yoga mat (optional)

This fertility yoga workout can be done anytime of day. But it’s ultimate purpose is to help you relax, improve blood flow and maintain hormonal balance. We highly suggest doing this workout after breakfast or in your lunch break if you can find a quiet place indoors or out.


The focus of yoga is often on prenatal rather than whilst TTC. However the relaxation, strengthening and de-stressing affects of Yoga can help fertility. For more information check out our post Yoga and Stress.

  • Relaxation 82% 82%
  • Blood Flow 55% 55%
  • Strengthening 33% 33%
A 15 minute daily fertility yoga workout

Step by Step Instructions for the 15 minute fertility yoga workout

Ocean Breath - Step 1 of the 15 minute fertility Yoga Workout
Step 1 Ocean breath

This is how we will start, the aim is to focus on your breathing, start the relaxation process, improve the blood flow and warm the body. You should try to maintain this breath throughout the workout.

  1. Focus on your breathing, slow it down, inhale for the count of 4 and exhale for the count of 4. Once you have a comfortable rhythm, move on.
  2. Relax your diaphragm and focus on your stomach expanding, your shoulders relaxing and your chest and ribs expanding as you breath.
  3. Now breath in and then exhale make a quiet whispering sound similar as if you were trying to steam up a window. To start with do this with your mouth open then once comfortable do it with mouth closed.


Cat and Cow Yoga Pose - Step 2 of the 15 minute fertility Yoga workout
 Step 2 Repeating cat and cow poses

Slowly move from your relaxed potion into the cat pose. Using the slow breathing we established in step 1 do as follows.

  1. As you breath out move your belly button towards your spine, curving upwards towards the stars.
  2. As you do this focus on contracting your pelvic floor and dropping your head.
  3. Then as you breath in and contract to the cow pose shown in the bottom of the image above. Focus on lifting your head and pushing your spine towards your belly button, relax your pelvic floor contraction.
  4. Repeat this 6 times.

Important: Don’t contract your pelvic floor if you’re on your period, ovulating or pregnant

Downward facing dog - Step 3 of the 15 minute fertility yoga workout
Step 3 Downward facing dog

This next step is about triggering your parasympathetic relaxation response and helping regulate your hormones.

  1.  As you breath out, slowly lift up your hips.
  2. Open your arms a little and push through the ground with the palms of your hands, to reduce the tension in your wrists.
  3. Don’t let your chest drop and keep your back as straight as possible, at the same time relax your head.
  4. Hold this position for 5 full breath cycles we did in step 1.
Warrior Yoga Pose - Step 4 of the 15 minute fertility yoga workout
Step 4 Warrior Pose

This is the most highly reccommended pose for fertility by Yoga practitioners. It opens and strengthens the hips as well as improves blood flow to the reproductive organs.

  1. Gently stand from the previous position
  2. As you breath in step forwards, bend the knee so that it is over the front foot, keeping the back leg straight and foot poiting the same way as your belly botton.
  3. Rotate your body to the side and face forwards.
  4. Hold this position for 5 breath cycles we did in step 1 then turn and repeat this 2 x on both sides
Cobra Yoga pose - Step 5 of the 15 minute fertility yoga work out
Step 5 Cobra Pose

This  step is another that focuses on improving blood flow to the ovaries and uterus and is a great relaxing pose.

  1. Gently move back to the floor. Lay flat and place your hands under your shoulders and gently spread your legs.
  2. As you breathe in lift your head and chest as far as feels comfortable. Focus on not  tensing your bum,  but gently stretch through your stomach.
  3. Hold this position for 5 breath cycles shown in part 1
  4. Repeat 
Corpse Pose - Step 6 of the the 15 minute fertility yoga workout
Step 6 Corpse Pose

This is all about relaxing and meditation.

  1.  From your previous position, slowly roll onto your back, with palms up and eyes shut
  2. Don’t try and change your breathing just let it happen naturally.
  3. Be aware of what you are thinking and feeling but don’t try and hold onto any specific thought. Allow the thoughts to flow in and out of your mind like a stream of conciousness.

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